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Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) and Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) and its Centre for Training and International Cooperation (CTIC) with support from Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Partnership (RWSSP) Office will conduct a workshop on introduction of BORDA’s technical solution for treating wastewater – Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solution (DEWATS).

DEWATS is an effective and adorable wastewater treatment solution with big advantage of low cost of operation and maintenance, i.e. less power-use. DEWATS has been disseminated in Vietnam since 2004 and successfully implemented at Kim Bang General Hospital, Thanh Hoa Pediatric Hospital, Ha Phong Slaughter House, Tam Dao Bear Rescue Centre, Kieu Ky Community, Khac Niem Noodle Processing Village and Kim Bang Nursing Centre for Wounded Soldiers. DEWATS is still being applied for on-going projects such as large scale of pig farm and Noodle Processing Villages, etc.

The workshop was conducted to:

  1. 1.To explore the concept of DEWATS
  2. 2.To study how DEWATS works, is operated and maintained
  3. 3.To review the implemented DEWATS projects in Vietnam
  4. 4.To discuss the opportunities and challenges of DEWATS application in Vietnam
  5. 5.To exchange the lessons learnt in disseminating DEWATS in Vietnam


Participated in the workshop were reparesentatives from Ha Noi, Hung Yen DoSTE, ADB, Norwegian Embassy, NGO and some interested environment companies.


DEWATS was appreciated by the participants who were interested in how to implement it at scale with a condition that the community must commit to pay investment cost and  suggested that any possible modification to fit Vietnam standards on environment and to treat water at slaughter houses, especially in Ha Noi.

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