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The Safe Water, Better Health publication is available for download below. It estimates the disease burden due to poor water, sanitation and hygiene (coming up with a figure of about 9% of global disease burden and suggesting that this is an underestimate). Note that it includes drownings, though only a small proportion. The 9% figure is based on DALY disability-adjusted life year - which measures the years of life lost to premature mortality and the years lost to disability). This report is an important contribution to the discussion on the link between health outcomes and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) - it is acknowledged that this is a complex area and causal links between WASH and disease are not always clear cut.

Click on the link below to access  to the publication. http://www.iwaponline.com/jwh/AoP/default.htm
Safer Water,  better Health.

Costs, benefits and sustainability of interventions  to protect and promote

The first-ever report depicting country-by-country  estimates of the burden
of disease due to water, sanitation and hygiene highlights how much disease could be prevented through  increased access to safe water and better hygiene.

This  comprehensive overview provides the epidemiological evidence and
economic  arguments for fully integrating water,   sanitation and hygiene in countries disease reduction strategies  -- a pre-requisite to achieving the Millennium Development
Goals.   It also provides the basis for preventive action by all  relevant sectors managing critical water resources  and  services in support of public health  efforts.

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