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On 25/12/2008, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a document no. 3856/BNN-TL to provincial authorities to guise the implementation on the M&E.

The "Guiding documents for RWSS M&E indicator set implementation" include:

Part 1: Hướng dẫn triển khai thực hiện công tác TD-ĐG nước sạch và VSMTNT.
a. Responsibilities of ministries and sector agencies.
b. Procedure for M&E implementation.
c. Budget for implementation.
d. Organization of implementation.

Part 2: Forms for data collection, consolidation and reporting.
Form 1: collection, consolidation on household water supply data.
Form 2: collection, consolidation on household sanitation data
Form 3: collection, consolidation on water supply schemes and latrines public, craft villages and cost norms for NTP and RWSS project/program  implementation.
Form 4: collection, consolidation on piped water supply schemes data.
Form 5: collection, consolidation on rural population using clean water meeting 09/2005/QĐ-BYT standrad.

MARD request:

1. Provincial authorities/PPCs under central management: Direct the M&E, checking the M&E implementation in their own provinces, authorise DARD in collaboration with DoH to provide training district staff on consolidation and reporting data to DARDs.

2. DPCs: Direct the M&E, checking the M&E implementation in their own districts; receive reports from commune level, consolidate ans report to DARD.

3. CPCs: Direct the M&E, checking the M&E implementation in their own communes; organize data collection, consolidation and reporting to DPC.

Quoted information from the document no. 3856/BNN-TL, 25/12/2008, signed by Vice Minister Đào Xuân Học.
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